Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations for Margaret BrolinIn addition to my passion for my students’ welfare, I’ve been praised by many administrators and faculty for my positive attitude and expertise in special education.


In my professional opinion, Ms. Brolin is enthusiastic, responsible, well organized and intelligent. She is a patient, kind and caring individual who practices positive communication skills in all interactions with others. Her optimistic attitude and high expectations are a positive influence on all those around her, including both students and colleagues.
Lynn DeCapua, Ph.D., Dean, Georgian Court University

Ms. Brolin maintains a good balance of discipline and caring. A very professional, well organized teacher, Ms. Brolin has a great relationship with students, a positive attitude, and great work ethic. She is a true team player who communicates well with her cooperating teacher, the students' team, and the entire school staff.
Gertrud Montgomery, Special Education Teacher, Christiansburg Primary School

As a first year teacher, Ms. Brolin did an outstanding job on the APA portfolios for her students. To manage a classroom and complete ten (10) portfolios is quite and undertaking. It is noticeable that she cares about her students and values her position as a Special Education Teacher.
Rachel Cunningham, Director of Admissions, Children's Center of Monmouth County

Ms. Brolin's ability to connect with each student, addressing each student's unique talents and specific needs, was absolutely incredible. Although she was hired as an aide, she participated in the role of another teacher. She has excellent classroom management skills as well as detailed data collection tools to guide her instruction.
Donna Fortune, First Grade Teacher, Christiansburg Primary School

In the short time I have known Ms. Brolin, she has demonstrated a tremendous knowledge of the challenges that students on her caseload face. She has become an integral part of our 3rd and 8th period classes. During this time she has developed strong relationships with all students in our classroom.
Eric Altizer, AMS Math Dept. Chair, Auburn Middle School

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